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When you arrive for your first session we collect information and listen to your goals and from there choose the best assessment and stretch routine for you. This is done to create lasting results in your flexibility and or resolution to your reason for visiting us. That's right, you got it! No one stretch session is the same. Just like your fingerprint your path to unlocking your flexibility is unique. With our experience and top of the line training via The Stretch To Win Institute we put our skill set to work to provide you with the best result possible! We want our clients to want to see us regularly not to have to!

Ask yourself...

Are you experiencing tightness in your body as you get older?

Would you like to prevent injury?

Are you an athlete that is looking to increase your performance level?

Do you experience stress either mental or physical in your life?

Do you want to have an improved quality of life?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, book your fascial stretch session today!

How does FST different from other stretch techniques?

FST uses gentle traction to stretch the joint capsule granting the client access to range of motion they have not had access to in some time.

FST is a gain without pain technique. When the body is in pain it puts up barriers towards progress. Less is more! The client should be feeling relaxed during there session vs. having to ask for a stick to bite down on.

FST is a technique that is in constant motion. The use of traction, circumduction, and oscillation are utilized while combined with varied tempos to obtain client goals.

We isolate the lower body one leg at time. This allows the client to relax the leg that is resting while the other leg is receiving FST.


Dallas ​Stretch Four Life will improve your flexibility

FST can reduce or eliminate back problems 

FST prevents injury (especially sprains and strains)

FST increases sports performance

FST can reduce muscular soreness and reduce recovery time

FST enhances one's physical fitness

FST can promote the development of body awareness

FST improves post​ure

FST promotes physical and mental relaxation

FST can enhance sex

FST can reduce pain associated with menstrual cramps

FST increases flexibility that lasts over time

FST reduces and alleviates muscular tension and soreness  

The Four in Dallas Stretch Four Life!

Dallas Stretch Four Life embodies mind, body, spirit and breath in our philosophy towards Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). Within the Four breath is a great tool that works to bring mind, body and spirit together as one.

Often times the correction of poor breathing habits can improve your posture and decrease physical pain in your body. Breathing patterns are accessed in your FST session to ensure you are working with proper breathing mechanics.  In addition to your self stretch program you will be given breathing homework to practice. Breathing homework is just as important as self stretching homework, as the two are a powerful combination of keeping you free of pain on and off the table.

When working with FST, whether the goal of the client be decreasing physical gain,  heightening spiritual awareness, achieving mental relaxation or increased breath capacity, it is important that all FOUR are addressed as mind,body, breath and spirit work together as one in a team effort to find balance!


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  • Susie Burkybile
    Founder & Owner, Dallas Stretch Four Life

    Susie earned her BFA in dance at the University of North Texas, and moved to Chicago to pursue her dance career. She danced professionally for several years while working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor, yoga teacher and studio manager. During her yoga teacher certification, an aspect of training was focused on hands on assisting in regards to posture and proper alignment, which spoke to Susie the most, as she believes in the power of touch to heal and improve movement patterns.

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Susie is simply amazing!! She is warm and friendly and makes the process so much fun. I must say being a yoga teacher myself, at first I was skeptical about stretch because I believed nothing can improve one's flexibility and posture like yoga. But after the very first appointment, I felt great. Until I met Susie, I needed a weekly massage to release pain and knots from teaching all day, but still never felt this good. Since I have been working with Susie I did not need any massage and my body feels supple. She has not only improved my posture but also changed my yoga practice. I feel like I am sitting more erect and walking tall. Thank you Susie!!! I love you!!"
    - Sweta Tulsyan / Dallas, TX