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Susie Burkybile - ´╗┐Founder & Owner, Dallas Stretch Four Life

Susie's first experience with touch came in 1999 as a dancer in the Northwestern University Dance department Cherub program. As a part of the curriculum, she took a beginner Shiatsu floor work routine. This sparked her first interest in becoming a hands on therapist. For one of the first times in her life she felt like she was helping people!  She embraced the amount of finesse that was required to work on someone with this technique. She connected to the graceful flow that was required of the floor routine- the floor work felt very much like a dance between two people!

Her husband Travis was the first to introduce her to Fascial Stretch Therapy. He had completed the Fascial Stretch Therapy level one certification held in Chicago, and was able to help Susie with chronic pain in her lower back and feet- a result from her dancing career. As a lifelong dancer and performer, she always believed that stretching should be uncomfortable and downright painful in order to achieve results, so naturally she was shocked by how gentle and relaxing Fascial Stretch Therapy is. This new technique and its dance like qualities simply amazed her! Susie then traveled to Tempe, Arizona to study with Chris and Ann Fredrick of The Stretch to Win Institute, and completed their level 1-3 Fascial Stretch Therapy certifications from April 2012-April 2013. In July 2014 Susie moved to Dallas, Tx to spread her love of FST to her native Lone Star State. She feels honored and blessed to bring this powerful yet graceful work to Dallas and looks forward to helping her clients, old and new alike.